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I got this car March of ‘99 from a mature 1st owner in LA. Everything works on this car, it was tight and had only minor squeaks and rattles (compared to others I had test drove). It is fully loaded, T-tops, graphite leather, 10-speaker CD + equalizer system, 3.23 rear, factory oil-cooler and 4-wheel ABS. Also comes with leather-wrapped shift knob, brake handle and steering wheel. Audio controls are also on the steering wheel. This Chevy 5.7L motor, which outputs a standard 275 net hp and 325 lb-ft of torque, comes with the less-restrictive rev-limiter and the 150mph (240km/h) speedo.

Some pictures of my 94 T/A GT when I first got it.


Below are pics of my car with the following upgrades:

K&N FIPK (Cold air induction) upgrade ($160+) from internet racers,
ROH ZS wheels 17x9.5 ($1000 shipped) from groupA/autotrend
Yokohama AVS S4 275/40/17 ($620 shipped) from tire rack.
BMR shock tower brace ($70+ shipped) from BMR Fabrication.


Under normal driving conditions (wet or dry), I am very satisfied with the wheel/tire combo I bought. Where I was able to chirp the 16inch wheels (Falken Ziex502 rears) in 1st and 2nd, I haven’t been able to with the 17inch combo, even when I engage the “performance transmission” mode in my GT.

The STB has also served to tighten-up the front end considerably. I get good response going into corners and sweeping bends, and definitely less jarring on uneven surfaces, over train tracks and entering/exiting driveways. Just can’t go wrong with the BMR STB, and the bonus is the $cost.

My right rear Yoko picked up a nasty nail that pierced the tire at the corner of the tread and sidewall. No one wanted to fix it, so I went shopping for a set. Yoko AVS-S4 with size 275x40x17 was no longer available, so I had to decide between Pepboys’ Futura Ultra-Z or Kumho Ecsta 712. As you can see I picked the Kumho. No regrets here. They performed just as well as my Yokos in the dry, and I still can’t chirp the rears thru any gears....No idea how well they perform in the wet. I guess I’ll have to find out next year around April when it gets real wet around the East Bay of N. California.


Click on the pic on the left for some newer pics of the TA

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