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A couple of different elevations here. First layer of cement was applied over the ‘chicken wire”. A second layer was later sprayed over the first, and workers smoothed out the surface. Both shows the results after the cement’s hardened. I was informed that a layer of stucco will be applied to the exterior this week sometime. The stucco looks like plaster when wet but will hardened after drying, providing a flexible and water-proof surface.

HHmmmm!!!! Finally, the exterior is all painted up. I was hoping for yellowish colour but this combination is starting to grow on us....

The finished products....

One last thing to be done; The front landscaping.

AAhhh!!! HHaaahhh!!! Another toy to add to our collection. A perfectly working (albeit surface rust on the chrome) ‘87 Kawasaki LTD305. Maria’s aquaintance gave it away, to us....He couldn’t get it started and also stuffed up the brake reservoir (thinking it was the starter of sorts; Yeah!! right!!). It cost us $15 to hire a trailer and $14 to transfer ownership. It’s now ours!!!!!!! It didn’t take us long to get the bike going. Jiggled on the fuel line, clean the plugs, emptied the fuel tank and replenish, added a quart of oil, charged up the battery, and she was going. I later put in some brake fluid and bled the front caliper. No problems there too.

Come this way for more pics of the kawasaki, or click on the Kawi index on the top left column.

This way for pics of the interior of the house.

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