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Iím really excited about this new addition to our family. A friend heard about this bike that was for sale by the previous owner because she was too afraid to get back on it after her slow-speed accident. She apparently side-swiped a pole. Damage was merely cosmetic, and bike is structurally very sound. I got it for a fairly good price considering the bike was basically brand new, at 179miles. Iím still breaking her in and very glad to say that I have now surpassed the 1st phase 500mile interval, that is, no vvroom-vvrrrooommm past 4000rpm.  Man!!! It was real hard not to do that!!!

Iím now going into the 2nd, and final, phase of the next 500mile break-in regime; No reving past the 6000rpm. This is so much better. Can really feel the power of this bike at around the 5000rpm mark. It pulls strong from idle. However, I hear from other owners that the bike will really come alive between the 6000 and 7000rpm. Info I got regarding this bike shows 53 HP @ 7250rpm, and Torque of 42 ft-lb @ 5250rpm. Doesnít look like big figures, but reports show the bike doing the quarter between high 12ís and low 13ís. Big bonus though is the average 45 miles per gallon, but only coming from a 3.5 gallon tank.

Well, with the Californian power crisis, everything has gone up in price. Iím hoping to get my full riding licence by end of May 2001, which means Iíll be able to take Ania to school on the bike. Iíll have to ďretireĒ the 15mpg TA as my daily ride until the economy gets better. Iím paying $2.10 per gallon of supreme unleaded right now, and can still remember the $1.20 I used to pay when I 1st got the car in Ď99 in Los Angeles. Thatís basically a $25 per week saving for me!!! Anyway, I guess weíre still better off compared to our counterparts in UK, Canada and Australia.

Enjoy the pictures.... The KAWASAKI VULCAN 750cc

vulcan2_s vulcan3_s


And...As a comparison to our training bike that an aquaintance gave us; Our very own Kawasaki LTD 305, which is, sadly, infected with terminal rust.


Ania will be a natural when she grows up.

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