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Youíve reached Gabís home on the net

Hi!!!  Iíve added various portals below to take you to the various sections of my website. Donít forget that you can click on the thumbnails for a larger view of the picture.

Click-away to the various sections:

My 79 T/A webpage

My Aussie Ď79 TA, which sold prior to coming to the USA
Last updated:
20th Nov 99

My 94 T/A webpage

94 Trans AM GT
SOLD Nov 2001 
Last updated:
27th Sep 00

My Ď94 Vette
Last Updated Apr 2003

Feel free to check here for our house, from barebones to the finished product.
Last updated Nov 2001.

Baby Andrey pics
Last updated: Apr 2003

Pics of my Kawaski Vulcan 750
Last updated: Oct 2001

Check out out trip to South Lake Tahoe, right on the California/Nevada border.
Last updated: Dec 2001

Some pics of family (dadís side) from Vancouver, BC
Last updated:  Sep 2000


Jeep Grand Cherokee
Last updated:
 20th Jan 2002

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